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Jim Jamail
Structured Settlements Are the “Ultimate Safeguards” for Injury Victims, Says “Trial Lawyer of the Century”

In a speech to a packed hall of physical injury experts Thursday, famed attorney Joseph Jamail (here with NSSTA member Robin Young) urged his fellow plaintiff attorneys to increase their use of structured settlements. Jamail, widely recognized as America’s premier trial lawyer, called structured settlements “a helping hand” to protect accident victims’ long-term financial security.

"Structured settlements protect the needy from the greedy,” he said. “This is about guaranteed life income.”

“My experience has taught me that money does strange things to people. Every relative, every friend, every preacher who wants money will come banging on an injured person’s damned door. Structured settlements are the ultimate safeguards for the necessities in people's lives."

A transcript of Mr. Jamail’s remarks will be available shortly from the NSSTA.

“In my 20 years coming to NSSTA meetings, I’ve never seen someone captivate the audience the way Joe Jamail did,” said NSSTA president Henry Strong. “He was serious, funny and inspiring. This was an absolute tour de force.”

In addition to discussing structured settlements, Jamail also spoke more broadly about the duty that trial lawyers have to their clients. “The plaintiff is totally dependent on the lawyer,” he said. “The lawyer's duty does not end when he gets the check. And for a lawyer to violate that trust is the ultimate sin.

Jamail received extensive applause during the speech and a standing ovation when he concluded.

The National Structured Settlements Trade Association is an organization of more than 600 licensed insurance brokers, insurance companies and other members who are involved in establishing structured settlements to resolve personal injury and workers' compensation claims.

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