Houston Woman Magazine special edition featuring Houston's 50 Most Influential Women of 2013

Robin Young-Ellis, CSSC, president and chief executive officer of RobinYoung & Company, Inc. has been named one of “Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women of 2013” by Houston Woman Magazine.

Each honoree was first nominated for inclusion on the “50 Women” list by a current subscriber of Houston Woman Magazine and then selected by the staff of the publication.

According to Beverly Denver, publisher of Houston Woman Magazine, “Those selected as Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women of 2013 are individuals with vast networks of social and professional connections. They have earned an enviable reputation for possessing an expertise in a particular field or arena. They are considered knowledgeable, credible and trustworthy. The thoughts and actions of these women influence the thoughts and actions of others. It is our distinct privilege to be able to introduce these remarkable women to our community.”

Since 2008, Houston Woman Magazine has published a special, keepsake edition each year featuring those selected as Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women of the Year.

An Afternoon Tea, co-hosted by Houston Woman Magazine and Chevron, was held on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014 at the St. Regis Houston Hotel to honor this year’s 50 Women of Influence. The new keepsake edition was unveiled at that event.

Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women of 2013 are:

  1. Amy Bernstein
  2. Nandita Berry
  3. Noel Bezette-Flores
  4. Jeanne Bollinger
  5. Victoria Al Linh Bryant
  6. Frances Castaneda-Dyess
  7. Shern-Min Chow
  8. Amy Chronis
  9. Cheryl Creuzot
  10. Wendy Daboval
  11. Kimberly C. David
  12. April Day
  13. Twila Day
  14. Kathie Edwards
  15. Caroline Fant
  16. Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein
  17. Valerie Gibbs
  18. Gwendolyn Goffe
  19. Julie A. Hardin
  20. Carol A. Hess
  21. Kathy Hubbard
  22. Marianne Ivany
  23. Claire Sullivan Jackson
  24. Alicia Jansen
  25. Elizabeth “Betsy” Kamin
  1. Janet Langford Kelly
  2. Elizabeth Killinger
  3. Lianne Lami
  4. Katrina Landis
  5. Melaney Linton
  6. Pamela Lovett
  7. Rania Mankarious
  8. Jean May
  9. Amanda McMillian
  10. Alice Otchere
  11. Munira Panjwani
  12. Minerva Perez
  13. Teresa Cox Reading
  14. Cindi Harwood Rose
  15. Becky Rush
  16. Laura Sayavedra
  17. Sara Speer Selber
  18. Christine R. Spray
  19. Senfronia Thompson
  20. Linda Thrane
  21. Sherry D. Williams
  22. Melanie Wong
  23. Anjanette Wyatt
  24. Betty Young
  25. Robin Young-Ellis, CSSC

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