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Structured settlement annuities are not only for the minor child, the young adult, and the young family. Structured settlement annuities can also play a key role for retired and senior adults to guarantee ongoing income and financial security.

One of the biggest concerns of the retired senior adult is running out of income. Often, the investment markets make seniors anxious, or the retired and senior adult finds it troubling to constantly liquidate principal to pay expenses. Figuring out how to live off one’s retirement savings is as much a personal issue as it is a financial decision. The retired and senior adult will often avoid spending their principal and simply put their retirement funds into bonds or fixed-income accounts and attempt to live off the income. But the impact of inflation will eventually whittle away the value of the portfolio. Typically, such an individual will be attracted to the safety, security, and guarantees inherent in a structured settlement.

With a structured settlement, the retired and senior adult is assured that their retirement plan is in place so they can enjoy the best quality of life without constantly worrying that they may run through their settlement award and money too quickly.

Benefits for the Retired and Senior Adult
A significant factor is that earnings distributed from structured settlement annuities are not only tax-exempt and tax-free, but are not considered in the calculation of taxes on Social Security income as are CD's, municipal bonds, traditional annuities, and other investment vehicles.
The benefit payments can be designed to maximize current and ongoing income, often for the remainder of their life.
There are options within the structured settlement that will ensure the plaintiff can receive their settlement award while also securing the eligibility of their spouse or family member’s government benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid.
Structured settlements can be designed to provide guaranteed income for the annuitants' dependents, such as a spouse, children, or grandchildren. Should the annuitant predecease their guaranteed payments, these payments can be left to named beneficiaries to ensure they are well cared financially after the annuitant's death.

ROBINYOUNG & COMPANY can help design custom plans to fit the retired and senior adult’s individual needs and desires.

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