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The flexibility of a structured settlement annuity is near limitless. Unlike traditional investments and taxable annuity products, the structured settlement annuity design is exceptionally flexible and innovative. The structured settlement is a powerful financial tool, which provides for creative and smart choices for the plaintiff’s immediate and future needs.

Payment schedules can be tailored to meet a plaintiff’s lifetime income needs, including healthcare and education expenses.
Payment schedules can be designed to pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, in lump sums, or as a combination of all.
In cases involving minors, structured settlements are often used to fund college (undergraduate and graduate years), purchase their first car, provide for a down payment on their first home, provide lump-sum payments upon graduation, and to begin a stream of payments when the minor reaches an age of financial maturity.

The flexibility of a structured settlement is truly unparalleled in the financial supermarket. RobinYoung & Co. has over a decade of experience and expertise in designing payment streams for plaintiffs, especially in unique situations. ROBINYOUNG & COMPANY welcomes the opportunity to sit down with the plaintiff and his or her family to discuss their needs before designing a structured settlement.

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