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A Big Texas Welcome Home to 330 Houston Marines
A Big Texas Welcome Home to 330 Houston Marines

afac_event_imagesOctober 1, 2011 – Saturday was a mix of cheers and tears as twenty-five (25) members of the Armed Forces Appreciation Committee, including Officer in Charge Paul Lehnhoff, Chairman Robin Young-Ellis and 2012 AFAC Ambassador Buddy Grantham, Chairman David Yates and  members of the Parade Committee, Chairman Joe Rentz and members of the Speakers Committee, Chairman Taylor Whitaker and members of Metro Go Texan Committee joined together to provide the delightful and delicious “Sweets & Treats Station” and beverages to hundreds of family and friends waiting the return of their husband, daddy, son, brother, cousin and/or friend (there were even dogs waiting their masters return) of the 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment of Houston.

By invitation of the Marine Corps, Paul, Robin and Buddy stood at the plane’s landing steps to be the first to shake hands and welcome home the 330  Marines as their boots touched Texas soil.

Some of the highlights of the homecoming were to witness daddy’s that were meeting their babies for the first time; to see children run in a full sprint and jump in the arms of their fathers; mothers and father’s that held their sons; even some tail wagging dogs that knew their master and best friend was finally home. It was a great day for all.


Special thanks to:

  • Paul Lehnhoff
  • Robin Young-Ellis
  • Terry Walker
  • Taylor Whitaker
  • Rene Whitaker
  • KC Cox
  • Alan Folger
  • Lori Blackmon-Schroeder
  • Cookie Michael
  • Mongo Bertlshofer
  • Spike Garcia
  • Annie Flores
  • April Wiggins
  • Dot Mitchell
  • Nick Low
  • Fred Shepherd
  • John Ramsey
  • Rachel Beth Brown
  • Mary Jo Spanihel
  • Robert Renshaw
  • Michelle Cox
  • Gordon Fox
  • Sam Luna
  • Joel Fillman
  • Mike Hruby

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