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ROBINYOUNG & COMPANY Sponsors Women Rainmakers Conference
ROBINYOUNG & COMPANY Sponsors Women Rainmakers Conference

rainmakersLogoROBINYOUNG & COMPANY is proud to announce our Gold Sponsorship of the inaugural Women Rainmakers Conference. This will be the premier unaffiliated, independent female lawyer event in Texas. The purpose of the conference is to provide female lawyers a group to explore how gender affects their careers.

Texas Women Rainmakers want all up-and-coming female lawyers to achieve greatness. They aim to provide a forum where female lawyers can support each other. Their goals are to empower women to become decision makers, provide networking opportunities, promote women lawyers, mentor and share their knowledge, teach female lawyers to know their value, and educate.

This year’s speakers include: Stacey Burke, Erin Copeland, Meagan Hassan, Laura Lopez, Martha Newman, Alice Oiver-Parrott, Jenny Selber, Kathy Snapka, and Karen Walrond.

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