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RobinYoung & Company Sponsors TTLA Happy Hour at Wine & Whisky Bar in Austin
RobinYoung & Company Sponsors TTLA Happy Hour at Wine & Whisky Bar in Austin

ttlaHappyHourAustinMarch 5, 2015 – AUSTIN –Whisky vs Whiskey: What’s the difference? Okay, maybe you’d be happy to enjoy a glass of the stuff no matter how it’s spelled. But if you’ve ever wondered why the word often appears different ways in different contexts, let’s discuss over a whisky/ey at the TTLA Happy Hour in Austin. As noted in a recent article by…
“The New York Times tackled the problem by spelling everything the American way (with an E), regardless of the spirit’s country of origin. From Kentucky bourbon to Islay malts, everything was “whiskey” to The NYTimes. But then, last February, the venerable newspaper made a decisive change.

After receiving a raft of complaints from some serious Scotch whisky drinkers, the paper re-tooled its approach to follow that of many specialized spirits publications, spelling each type of spirit according to the way favored by its country of origin. So, while American-produced varieties such as bourbon, rye, and Tennessee – as well as the Irish stuff – kept their previous NYTimes-styled “whiskey” spelling, the stuff from Scotland, Canada, and Japan now would be referred to as “whisky.”

Makes a lot of sense, I think. Whew! Time for a drink.

ROBINYOUNG & COMPANY is proud to sponsor and support the TTLA Happy Hour, Thursday, March 5, 2015 in Austin. See invitation attached.

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