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Texas Women Rainmakers 5th Annual CLE Conference
Texas Women Rainmakers 5th Annual CLE Conference

rainmakersLogoThe fifth annual Texas Women Rainmakers Conference took place on Friday, August 24, 2018 at The St. Regis Hotel in Houston, Texas. The event featured female Keynote Speakers Renee Trudeau and Linda Larsen.Texas Women Rainmakers (TWR) is a 501c3 non-profit that charges no membership fees and asks for no political donations or contributions aside from covering its event costs. This makes the event the only one of its kind for female trial lawyers.

Robin Young-Ellis, MSSC continued her gold headline sponsor support for the fifth consecutive year. Mrs. Young-Ellis is a prolific philanthropist and humanitarian across many causes, and donates a percentage of her annual earnings to a number of health, disability, military, and educational organizations. As a successful female entrepreneur in the male-dominated legal industry, she knows firsthand the challenges women in the legal world face. She continues her ongoing support of others by sponsoring the professional and personal development of strong female trial lawyers through Texas Women Rainmakers. Mrs. Young-Ellis has specialized in settlement planning, including structured settlements, for over 25 years and is considered one of the best in the business, winning many professional awards.

Women lawyers across the country have sought advice and help from Texas Women Rainmakers in efforts to host similar local events. The event aims to bring women’s specific career struggles to light, often opting for the best speaker for the group instead of the speech that will earn the lawyers the most continuing education credit.

The exclusively female Steering Committee is comprised of lawyers hailing from across the state, including attorneys Sofia Bruera, Stacey Burke, Erin Copeland, Christina Feller, Caryn Papantonakis, and Shalimar Wallis.

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