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August 24, 2023 – Houston, TX – ROBINYOUNG & COMPANY is thrilled to announce its continued partnership with the Texas Women Rainmakers Conference as the Gold Sponsor for the 8th consecutive year. This esteemed conference remains a beacon for independent female lawyers, championing their progression into pivotal roles within the legal community.

The objectives of the Texas Women Rainmakers are multifaceted and impactful:

  • To empower female attorneys by providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to ascend into leadership positions and become influential decision-makers.
  • To facilitate a supportive network for women across all career stages and firm sizes, encouraging the establishment of both personal and professional connections among female attorneys.
  • To guide women in effectively promoting themselves within their law firms and the broader legal profession, highlighting the importance of self-advocacy for career advancement.
  • To foster a learning and mentoring environment where female lawyers can gain insights from peers with diverse experiences, focusing on essential skills acquisition for professional development.
  • To encourage female attorneys to embrace authenticity, optimism, and risk-taking, promoting self-navigation and vision as means to unlock their full potential and enhance their practices.
  • To contribute to the personal and professional development of its members by offering high-quality continuing education on current legal issues, presented by respected and engaging speakers from various practice areas.

Robin Young, CEO of ROBINYOUNG & COMPANY, has been a steadfast attendee of every Texas Women Rainmakers event since its foundation. Reflecting on the 2023 conference, she shared a renewed message of appreciation and solidarity: “Each year, the Texas Women Rainmakers Conference underscores the remarkable achievements possible when women in law unite in support of one another. This year’s event was no exception, offering an incredible platform for empowerment, connection, and educational growth. It’s an honor to contribute as the Gold Sponsor to such an inspiring assembly of leaders and friends.”

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