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Our Services
We provide partnership through our commitment to product excellence, personal integrity and reliability.
Our Services
We provide partnership through our commitment to product excellence, personal integrity and reliability.

When you choose a structured settlement firm, you are choosing a partner to help facilitate some of the most crucial components of the settlement process. At ROBINYOUNG & COMPANY, we provide that partnership through our commitment to product excellence, personal integrity and reliability in a very narrowly focused market and profession.

Structured Settlements for Personal Injury

Pre-Settlement Preparation & Settlement Processing Services

Often, the most beneficial relationship begins early in the case – before the settlement. As a resource tool to the personal injury attorney and their legal team, we encourage early involvement for pre-settlement preparation to ensure optimal, adhesive settlement solutions that are efficient for all parties.

Notwithstanding, regardless of the settlement stage, it is never too early or too late to call on our expertise and service-oriented assistance. We have a roadmap to insure the financial security of the plaintiff’s settlement, while providing the plaintiff attorney with a multitude of services to ensure a seamless transition.

  • Pre-Settlement Review and Assessment of Case File:  Review of the case file provides an overview of the complaint, the personal injury, the plaintiff, plaintiff’s loss, plaintiff’s household (if applicable). At this time, it is valuable to examine the plaintiff’s age, gender, medical history current and ongoing (where applicable), and special issues.
  • Hands-On Commitment – Work directly with the Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s Family:  Meet with the plaintiff and often with the plaintiff’s family, plaintiff attorney, and where applicable, to meet with the guardian ad litem, court appointed ad litem, estate attorney, and or trust attorney. Working hands-on with the plaintiff provides the most efficient observation and fact-finding opportunities so that we provide sound advice and solutions to the plaintiff and plaintiff attorney.
  • Special Needs Clients: It is critical to determine if the plaintiff and or the plaintiff’s household qualifies for government benefits, or may have a need for government benefits in their future. Should the plaintiff and/or their family qualify for government benefits, we coordinate with trust attorneys, trustees, state pooled trust or a structured settlement (or often the blend of both), to ensure government benefits are understood and preserved.
  • Life Care Plan: A Life Care Plan (LCP) is a powerful tool in a multitude of uses, such as, Medicare Set Aside (MSA), itemizing future medical costs, comparing various inflation rates, designing the structured settlement to fit the projected cost, needs and benefits for the plaintiff.
  • Substandard Age Rating: Review medical files and coordinate with life company underwriters to secure substandard age ratings on impaired life expectancy. Substandard age rating often allows the plaintiff to secure a considerable reduction in cost (or increase in benefits) for the settlement over their lifetime.
  • Mediations: Assist with mediation, by phone or in attendance.
  • Pre-mediation preparation: Provide mediation strategies of demands vs. offers utilizing evaluation and strategies, often with a Life Care Plan and/or substandard age rating when available and applicable.
  • Attend mediation: During mediation, evaluate the present value of the demands and offers. Collaborate with the legal team on designs for the plaintiff’s needs, expectations, and desires, implementing college plans, spousal support, future medical needs, current debt resolution, and financial planning. Provide industry information and knowledge on the defendant’s insurer when available. Provide financial and subject matter expertise.
  • Hearings: Assist with hearings, by phone or in attendance. Provide Minor or Incapacitated Hearing Package, inclusive of Structured Settlement Affidavit and required documentation to ensure an efficient, smooth and successful hearing.
  • Competitive Annuity Rates & Diversification: Review the qualified life company markets to provide the most competitive rate of return (IRR) and benefit plan from one of the financially strongest life companies rated by A.M. Best, Moody’s and Fitch. We aggressively shop the markets to find the most competitive benefits and rates offered. Recommendations on life market diversification, where applicable.
  • Completion of Settlement Contracts & Documents: Coordinate and assist in the completion of settlement documents, inclusive of providing funding instructions, incorporating and reviewing structured settlement language, provide assignment documents, ensure the plaintiff attorney and their legal team’s interests are protected, and all IRS guidelines and compliance are met.
  • Prevent Constructive Receipt: Circumvent constructive receipt and adverse tax consequences by properly implementing the structured settlement process.

Post-Settlement Services

  • Settlement Contracts & Documents: Coordinate proper completion of the structured settlement documents to ensure the assignment and contracts are completed and delivered in a timely matter.
  • Ongoing Assistance: At no cost, we provide ongoing assistance to the plaintiff and plaintiff attorney, often for the life of their structured settlement.

Special Services

  • Qualified and Nonqualified Structured Settlements
  • Attorney Fees
  • Medicare Set Aside (MSA)
  • Medical Payor Accounts
  • Structured Sales (ie. Real Estate transactions)
  • Continued Education
  • Special Needs Trust, Special Needs Pooled Trust, Preservation Trust and Charitable Trust
  • Health Insurance, Risk Pool Insurance, Term Insurance and Life Insurance: While we are immersed in our specialty field, we also understand the need and importance of our extended family – insurance and trust. We work coordinate directly with insurance and trust experts whom we trust to cover our client’s health insurance and life insurance needs and safeguarding government benefits, where needed.

Award Winning Structured Settlement Services

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