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Case Studies
Case Studies

No two cases are exactly alike – every case has distinctive differences and its own set of unique challenges. The fictional case studies in this section are based on some common patterns and situations in personal injury cases and provide answers about careful settlement planning.

We hope you find these case studies useful and informative, but they are not the same as a personal review and consultation. Good advice includes a review of all the facts of your unique situation. Your settlement case is sensitive to your own particular goals and wishes and may take into account laws, rules, and practices not discussed in the following case studies.

We welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments. However, we cannot give individualized advice on the basis of any e-mail inquiry. As we are not attorneys, it is not our intent to provide legal advice, including tax and trust law. In the event you require such advice, we are happy to provide referrals and introductions to legal experts.

case_study1_iconCase 1: Amy’s Wrongful Death Claim
This case study examines how Robin Young works with a young woman to rebuild her financial life after the untimely deaths of her husband and three daughters. With goal-oriented settlement planning, Amy’s case study focuses on providing her with short-term support while she obtains a college degree to achieve long-term financial independence.

case_study2_iconCase 2: Jimmy’s Special Needs Case
This case study illustrates how Robin Young designs a structured settlement plan for a disabled minor with special needs. Jimmy’s case study includes the importance of review and careful planning as it relates to his parents’ insurance situation and estate planning, as well as Jimmy’s eligibility to receive government benefits now or in his future.

case_study3_iconCase 3: Aurturo and his Family
This case study demonstrates how Robin Young works with an injured father of two and his wife to maximize their settlement award. Arturo’s case study explores how his settlement is designed to help cover the costs of monthly income for life, as well as summer vacations, school expenses, and future college tuition for his two young children.

Additional Case Studies will be listed soon.

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