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Structured Settlements
Structured Settlement are innovative and powerful financial tools that offer many benefits.
Structured Settlements
Structured Settlement are innovative and powerful financial tools that offer many benefits.

If your spouse or loved one died unexpectedly or was seriously injured, would you be financially secure? If you support yourself, and you are injured and unable to work, would you be financially secure? As a result of your injury, if there is a lawsuit, how do you ensure that your settlement award is safeguarded and maximized to provide financial security for you and your family?

These are the concerns and questions most commonly asked after the untimely death or serious injury of an individual, spouse or family member. The accidental death or severe injury of an individual, spouse, or family member is an emotionally painful and traumatic event. It can also be financially devastating.

Planning for the Unexpected

Many families today depend on two sources of income. In fact, in nearly half of the married households in the U.S., both partners work. Both work to maintain the basic cost of living needs and to offer their families a secure quality of life. Like most families, expenses generally include mortgage payments, home insurance and taxes, car payments, clothing, food, vacations, holiday gifts and celebrations, college funds for children, and retirement savings. Therefore, in the event of the untimely death or serious injury of an individual or spouse, the family is often faced with the financial challenge of coping with lost income and yet increased expenses of caring for their injured loved one.

In households with one income earner, the loss of a “stay-at-home” spouse can be just as devastating. Although there is no loss of earned income, the family would face the financial challenge of paying higher expenses, such as childcare or other miscellaneous family responsibilities that the “stay-at-home” spouse provided.

Regardless of whether one or both spouses work, if you are single or married – with an unexpected death or serious injury, an individual or family is often faced with uncertainty and great financial burden.

Securing Your Financial Future

Historically, personal injury settlements were often paid out in a lump-sum cash award. Today, structured settlement annuities are innovative and powerful financial tools that offer individuals, spouses, and families many benefits to meet their needs and expectations, often for a lifetime:

  • Payments can be customized to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, in lump sums, or the combination of all.
  • Payments are guaranteed to pay exactly the amount outlined in the contract – future payments will never lose value. Payments are not subject to financial market uncertainties and fluctuations. The Internal Rate of Return and Guarantee is fixed and determinable.
  • Structured settlements offer tax savings. Plaintiff-award recipients’ structured settlement annuities are completely tax-free.
  • Structured settlement recipients with large guarantee returns can plan for their estate taxes and liability through Estate Commutation Riders.
  • Structured settlements are safeguarded against poor investments in the stock market; overspending, pressure from family, friends, associates, and many more unforeseen conflicts.

“At ROBINYOUNG & COMPANY, we get to know our clients; we understand that in order to secure every detail, “one-size-fits-all” settlement structures do not work. We tailor every aspect of a structured settlement to closely reflect what the plaintiff will need and expect for a very long time – perhaps a lifetime. ”
– Robin Young-Ellis, founder ROBINYOUNG & COMPANY

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